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These 7 Yoga for weight loss, body gets toning shape

Yoga for weight lose

Yoga for weight loss

Yoga is very helpful for weight loss and for toning body shape. It keeps you fit both physically and mentally, makes the body strong, muscles get toned, and weight reduces. Yoga not only reduces the fat stored on the body but also makes the body flexible so that you stay healthy. By doing yoga regularly, you lose weight and get into shape.

Yoga for Costipation, Yoga for weight loss


In this yoga posture, the shape of the body normally becomes like a bow drawn. Dhanurasan reduces stomach fat. This makes exercise of all internal organs, muscles, and joints. To do this, first of all, lie on your stomach. Then, connect the legs. Bend both legs with your knees. Hold the ankles of both feet with hands by keeping a gap of one foot between the knees and toes. With the help of hands, raise the knees, thighs, and torso of both feet above the facility as per convenience. Keep breathing comfortably. In this case, stop for a comfortable period and return to the previous position. It is very helpful in weight loss.

Paschimottanasana-lose belly fat,Yoga for weight loss


This yoga is very effective to lose belly fat. With this Yoga, all the muscles of the body are stretched. To do this, sit with the legs spread out in front of you, now keep the palms on your knees, raise your hands upward while breathing, and pull the waist straight upwards, now while exhaling, bend forward and with the hands toe the thumbs. Grab and put the forehead on the knees. Keep in mind that the knee should not bend. And try to plant elbows on the ground.


Bhujangasana, Yoga for weight loss


This Yoga is very beneficial in reducing abdominal fat, thinning the waist and widening the shoulders and strengthening the arms. It has great importance in making the body flexible and shapely. Bhujangasana is also called Cobra pose. Because it creates a snake-like pose that looks fun. To do this, lie down on the ground on the stomach. Now, with both hands, lift the upper part of the body from the waist upwards, but keep the elbow bent. Open the palm and spread on the ground. Now move the face upwards without moving the rest of the body. Stay in this posture for some time.It will surely help you in weight loss.
Purvottanasana-for-shaped-up-toned-buttocks, Yoga for weight loss



This posture helps in reducing fat. It is a good posture for beautifying the lower body and arms. This keeps the body flexible. To do this, spread your legs towards the front and sit up straight. Keep the claws connected and the spine straight. Now raise the lower part of your waist upward by resting both hands on the ground. After being in this state for a few seconds, return to normal.





Kapalbhati Pranayama reduces abdominal fat. To do this, sit in any meditation posture. Place both the palms on the knees in the jnana mudra. Close the eyes loosely. Exhale through the nasal tube with a slight shock and inhale easily through the nasal passages. This is a frequency of Kapalbhati. Do a cycle of its 25 frequencies. Take two to three deep breaths after one cycle and practice the second cycle. Gradually increase the number of cycles.

Balasan to Reduce Belly Fat

By doing this asana, the muscles are strengthened and the belly fat decreases. Brings flexibility to the internal organs of the body. It gives peace to the body and mind. In addition, it stretches the knees and muscles. To do this, sit on the ground on the knees and put the whole body on the ankles. Take a deep breath and lean forward. Keep in mind that your chest should touch the thighs, now try to touch the floor with your forehead. Stay in this state for a few seconds and come back to that state.
Camel is formed in Uttrasana. This is why it is called Uttrasana. If the stomach is out of excess, then this yoga affects your stomach, waist, chest, and arms. To do this, sit in Vajrasana and stand on your knees. Keep the section from knees to waist straight and bend the back towards the back and grab the ankles of the feet with hands. Now tilt the head backward. It will help to tone the body.

This is the best Yoga for weight loss. Read this article for getting Healthy and Attractive Skin Tone

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These 7 Yoga for weight loss, body gets toning shape

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