How important is the water of lentils?


Therefore, children are advised to drink lentil water. The advice of fiber-rich lentils helps reduce cholesterol levels. It contains a sufficient amount of fiber which helps reduce cholesterol level. Keeping cholesterol levels under control reduces the risk of heart-related diseases. Eating foods rich in fiber reduces the risk of heart-related diseases. Energy drinks and easy to digest, children, require plenty of protein in the diet, lentil water fulfills that requirement. Dal water is digested very quickly, which gives the body instant strength. To make children energetic, it is also advised to give them lentil water. To correct the problem of diarrhea, the child is advised to drink the right amount of fluids like mother’s milk, lentil water, and rice water every time the child is depleted of fluid from the body. Children digest it easily. The way to make lentil water is, cook the lentils in a cooker by adding salt and turmeric powder.


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