list of 7 nutritious foods to eat every day

list of 7 nutritious foods to eat every day

List of 7 nutritious foods to eat every day

In their busy schedules, people tend to ignore food the most. They eat quickly, regardless of whether they are getting enough nutrition from that diet or not. The result is that after a while such people start getting caught in many health problems. If your habit is also to ignore nutrition in food, then to stay healthy, rein in your habit. To keep yourself healthy your diet must be full of nutrition.

What is necessary to include in food

To keep your food rich in nutrition, you must include a balanced amount of protein, vitamins, calcium, mineral salts and antioxidants daily. Include things in your diet, including
There are enough such things to nourish you.

Here is the List of 7 nutritious foods to eat every day



Flaxseed or flaxseed contains rich fiber and omega-3 fatty acids that provide nourishment to the body. Toast one tablespoon of flaxseed and grind it. By sprinkling it over any food, eating two to three grams of fiber in the grains included in your food increases. A recent survey has found that people who regularly use flaxseed in their diet have no chance of developing any type of cancer like others, breast, prostate, and colon. Apart from this, using flaxseed seeds regularly makes the skin and hair healthy, reduces obesity, lowers cholesterol levels and the digestive system works properly. The anti-oxidants present in it reduce the risk of any disease by increasing the immunity of the body. For proper nutrition, include one or two tablespoons of roasted flaxseed seeds in your diet daily. You can make roasted flaxseed seed powder by adding some salt to it and use it as a sauce.


Beans are full of dissolving fibers, which are good for the heart. They also act by absorbing excess cholesterol from the body. The survey has proved that soluble fiber reduces the amount of cholesterol in the body by absorbing 10-15 percent of the cholesterol present in the body. Beans also contain abundant antioxidant elements. Apart from this, the amount of protein in them is more than any other leafy food, but the protein present in them is incomplete. Therefore, instead of eating empty beans, eating them with rice or bread is beneficial. Instead of eating dried beans, cowpea, etc. with rice and bread, you can complete the nutrition required for your body. A quarter cup of beans has the same amount of nutrition as meats eaten at one time. So if you are a vegetarian then beans are a great source of protein for you. You can also soak beans and mix them in a salad.


The calcium found in curd is very beneficial for bones. The probiotics present in yogurt play an important role in providing nutrition to the body as well as fighting diseases. Use a bowl of low-fat curd in your diet regularly. You can have it for breakfast or lunch. By mixing kiwi, strawberries, blueberries, apples, nuts in a bowl low-fat yogurt, you can increase it is nutritional and benefits manifold. Eating curd helps in getting rid of urinary infections and vaginal infections. You can use yogurt in any way. Whether it is eaten in a salad or eaten with raita, it provides nutrition in every form.

Olive oil:

Olive oil is rich in healthy fat. The amount of cholesterol in it is negligible. It also contains plenty of antioxidants. Instead of mustard oil or refined, use olive oil to make vegetables. Consuming this will keep your heart health healthy and obesity will not increase. To provide nutrition to your body, you should include one tablespoon of olive oil in your diet every day. You can use it to make salads and vegetables, but olive oil is not cooked on high heat, keep in mind that.

Green tea:

Green tea is an excellent source of antioxidant elements. The amount of antioxidants present in green tea is not in any other substance. Regular intake of green tea increases the body’s resistance as well as decreases the amount of excess cholesterol present in the body. It is also beneficial in improving blood circulation in the body.

Eat fresh fruits and vegetables:

As far as possible, use fresh fruits and vegetables. They have more nutrition. Eat fruits and vegetables within 72 hours of purchase. After this, 15 to 60 percent of the nutrients in fruits and vegetables are destroyed. Do not buy vegetables and fruits at all for more than two days at a time.

Get nutrition from food like this:

To get the right nutrition from food, you must know which form is more beneficial to eat. If you cook and eat fruits then the nutrients in them will be destroyed. Eating them raw is more beneficial. Similarly, you cannot eat raw grains. It is necessary to cook it before eating. Mixing one lentil with another lentil increases its nutrient content. Never keep your food depends on a single grain. Carbohydrates to keep yourself healthy,

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