Did you Know -The Benefits of Vitamin C


7 health benefits of Vitamin C 

Vitamin-C is many times more important for health than other vitamins. Vitamin-C is important for our health as well as beauty and skin, you must know this. But do you know these 7 amazing health benefits of Vitamin C? Do know

1 Cancer prevention – Vitamin C is an excellent antioxidant that prevents free radicals causing cancer and other diseases. Apart from this, it also proves helpful in fighting cancer by increasing immunity. At the same time, it also protects against that change in cells and DNA, it can cause cancer.

2 Heart disease – One of the best benefits of Vitamin C is that the anti-oxidant elements present in it are very beneficial for the heart and are effective in preventing heart problems. It protects the arteries from getting damaged and prevents the accumulation of cholesterol in the blood cells thus reducing the risk of heart attack and brain stroke. It keeps the blood flow in the cells normal.

3 Asthma – Vitamin C reduces the production of histamine responsible for asthma in the body, which reduces the chances of asthma and respiratory problems. The anti-oxidant elements of vitamin C also play an important role in cleaning your lungs.

4 Wound healing – Vitamin C has an excellent healing power, which proves to be very helpful in quick healing of skin wounds. In the case of low resistance, it also helps in spreading infection and preventing diseases. This is the reason that doctors also recommend taking vitamin-C supplements to heal the wounds of the body.

5 Allergies – Anti-histamine elements present in Vitamin C protect against allergy and relieve symptoms. Even in the common cold, the body can be maintained by using vitamin C.

6 Stress – Vitamin C not only keeps your brain healthy but it also works to relieve you from stress by releasing stress-fighting adrenaline.

7 Joint Pain – Due to the damage of collagen and cartilage in the joints, due to aging or any infection, there is a problem of joint pain. Vitamin C produces a protein called collagen for the joints which helps relieve pain.


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