Ways to strengthen your mind

Ways To Strengthen Your Mind

Ways To Strengthen Your Mind Through Brain boosting herbs


Jatamansi is a herb rich in medicinal properties. It is called spikenard because its roots have fibers like coiled hair. It is a panacea for the brain, it works slowly but effectively. Apart from this, it is also a surefire medicine to speed up memory. Mixing one teaspoon of Jatamasi in one cup of milk makes the mind sharp.


The herb called Brahmi is also known as a tonic for the brain. It provides peace and clarity to the mind and also helps to strengthen memory. Mixing half a teaspoon of Bahmi powder and honey in warm water, drinking, intensifies the mind.

Conch flower

The conch flower enhances the mind as well as promotes our creativity by the correct circulation of blood in the brain. This herb also enhances our ability to remember and learn. To intensify your mind, mix half a teaspoon of Conch flower with one cup of hot water.


Cinnamon is not just a hot spice, but also a herb. It is very good medicine to speed up the mind. Taking a pinch of cinnamon powder with honey regularly at night while sleeping, relieves mental stress and intensifies the mind.


Turmeric is a very good herb for the brain. It not only enhances the taste and color of food but also helps to keep the mind healthy. According to research at the University of California, the chemical element found in turmeric helps to repair damaged cells of the murmuring brain and its regular intake does not cause Alzheimer’s disease.


Nutmeg is also a useful herb in the mind-boosting herbs. Consuming a small amount of nutmeg containing hot oil stimulates the mind. By eating this, you never have Alzheimer’s.

Celery leaves

Besides the aroma of celery leaves, it also helps in keeping the body healthy. The anti-oxidant present in it acts as a medicine for the brain.


Tulsi is a well-known herb for the treatment of many types of diseases. The powerful antioxidants present in it improve blood flow to the heart and brain. It also protects against the disease found in anti-inflammatory Alzheimers.


Saffron is a herb that is used in medicines to relieve insomnia and depression along with increasing taste in food. The brain becomes sharp by its use.

Black pepper

A chemical called pepper found in black pepper relaxes the cells of the body and brain. This chemical also works like magic to overcome depression. That is why use black pepper to keep the mind healthy.

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