9 Amazing Benefits of Green Tea


Benefits of green tea:: One cup daily will provide relief from many diseases, start today. If you consume it then you need to know how it can be beneficial for you. If you do not consume it, then you should start it from today.


You must have heard about the far-reaching benefits of drinking green tea. Green tea is in vogue for its huge benefits. People aware of fitness and overall health decide to include this drink in their daily diet.

Drinking a cup of green tea every morning can remove many health problems. Drinking green tea first in the morning can help a person lose weight effectively. Drinking this drink twice a day improves your chances of losing weight.

Weight loss remains a constant concern among many people. You can exercise, try to change your lifestyle, and still fail to lose weight. Use green tea to reduce those extra kilos (weight)

Benefits for Green Tea for Weight lose:

Green tea contains zero calories, which is also helpful in reducing weight. When you lose weight, the sensitivity of insulin increases, which works to reduce the blood sugar level. The catechins present in green tea reduce the effect of insulin. This may reduce the effect of carbs.

You will not know these 9 benefits of tea::

1. Benefits of green tea for hair:
If you want good shine in hair, then use green tea. However, it is made from the same tree from which black tea comes. But the way to make it is different. Green tea is not oxidized, due to which the number of electrons in its leaves is high. These electrons give shine to your hair.

How to use
Put three bags of green tea, one jug in boiled water and leave to cool. After cooling, remove the tea bag and wash the hair with that water. After 10 minutes, apply conditioner in the hair. Now you will see the shine of hair. You can also darken the hair. You just have to use black tea instead of green.

2. Make eyes beautiful:
If your eyes are slightly swollen, then there is no need to worry too much. Used two tea bags can solve your problem. Stress, allergies, excessive drinking, or hormonal changes can cause eye inflammation. But the caffeine present in the tea will suppress swollen blood veins in the skin and your eyes will be completely cured.

How to use
Take two used T-bags and close your eyes and keep them on top. Remove them after keeping them for 10 minutes. Now your eyes will be fresh.

3. Clean dirty carpet in minutes:
If the carpet in your house is dirty, then with the help of tea, you can also clean it thoroughly. Take some loose tea and spread it on the carpet as a small layer. Now pour some water over the kettle and rub it in the carpet. Remove it from the floor after 15 minutes. Now the dust and smell of the carpet will be gone.

4. Avoid sunburn:
When you have to stay in the sun for a long time and you cannot avoid it, then it is inevitable to get marks of sunburn on your face. In such a situation, take a cold T-bag and keep it for 10 minutes at the place where the skin is affected. The effect will be seen immediately.

5. Remove shaving rash in a pinch:
If you have a shaving rash on your underarms or feet, then use a teabag. After shaving, press and soak the T-bag soaked in water under the arms for five minutes. This will protect your skin from shaving rash, which results from bad blades. If you want to cover more parts at one time, wrap the tea in a cloth and then use it.

6. Roses will blossom from tea leaf:
The tannic acid found in the tea leaf makes the rose color more beautiful. Tear off the used T-bag and scatter it around the root of the rose. It combines the roots of the tree and makes the flowers quite beautiful.

7. Injection pain will relieve:
If your skin is a bit hard, then place a cold T-bag on that place before injecting it. After a while, the skin will become very soft and the effect of the injection will not be known at all. Also, there will be no risk of infection.

8. Make legs beautiful and fresh too:
There is no need to worry if your feet start smelling after work all day or if there is some problem in the skin. Instead of spending money on expensive sprays, you can tackle this problem at home. Put a T-bag in lukewarm water and soak the feet in it when it cools down. Not only will the sweet smell, but your feet will also be soft.

9. Leave Acne:
Green tea can be a good option for people suffering from facial spots and pimples. It prevents the benzoyl peroxide present in the skin so that there are no spots on the face. Sveta Ranip


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